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What Can I Create Today?

I have been on hiatus. You may not have noticed, but I did. Putting words into the world, gathered in their carefully crafted sentences of context and nuance, is among the most valuable things in the world to me. I can get lost writing and find myself again. I love everything from developing ideas on the trivial and mundane to waxing philosophic about cosmology.

I struggle sometimes, too. I have days where I cannot find a starting point or days where the ideas are thick and lead me off of my central point fast and frequently. Quite the opposite of BLOCK- it is a flood and I have to work harder at editing and narrowing my thoughts in so the reader is not left like consumed in the whirlwind which occasionally occurs between my ears.

So I avoid it. And BOOM, a few weeks has transpired and my fear of overwhelm will disappear. Then I look at it like a challenge, when just a few days before, I cowered in fear at that exact thought. Quite curious, really.

I am a streaky creature, by nature. I go, go, go, then hit a wall and stay still for a bit. Whether it be writing, cooking, It is kind of a life-long pattern I am examining. Not one I am trying to judge, however, because when I feel really good and creative/productive, I appreciate it so much. So I am just in a place of acknowledgement and acceptance. But also a healthy dose of AWARENESS. I want to ensure that I do not allow it to stick me in park too long.