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Welcome to An Abundant Journey

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Welcome. Please come in and make yourself at home. I have created this space for healing, positivity and growth. I want to focus on the self and going inside to clean up the inner struggle so many of us find ourselves fighting daily. How many times a day do you ask yourself what would it look like if I weren't STUCK, BROKE, ADDICTED, BROKEN, ETC.? If you are like me that can be a constant struggle... This blog is my seeking and finding all in one. I am seeking to quell the disquiet in any holistic way. I will share what I find and what I am thinking along the way.

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This is a space for healing and meditation. This is a space of visualization. We have space for energy work and crystal grids. We have space for essential oils and Reiki and as many of the other thousands of spiritual pathways and energy modalities as I can find.

If you see something you like or love-- wonderful, I would love to hear from you. If you see something "out there" or "not your cup of tea", I understand. Not all of this will be for everyone. Hell, I am not for everyone. I might be all Pollyanna one day and desperate and hopeless another. But I try. I keep going. I saw one of those personal growth posters once that read: PERSEVERENCE. There was a picture of a seagull out in the middle of the ocean without a sliver of land in sight. Sometimes I feel like that seagull. Sometimes I don't see the way home, to peace, to light and to love. But I am damn sure not going to give up now. Not after what I have been through (more on that later). Suffice it to say, these will not all be bedtime stories, but it will all be part of my journey.

Because it IS A JOURNEY. It is piece by piece, step by step, every bit of a trudge somedays and a glide the next.