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Tarot Cards and Being Wrong

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

A few weeks ago, I started feeling drawn towards tarot cards and reading. I had my tarot cards read once around 30 years ago by an old friend who told me, under no uncertain terms, that my boyfriend of the time (High School) and I would not make it as a couple. He was correct, but exactly zero divination was required to arrive at that conclusion.

I have put very little thought into tarot cards between then and now. One day, a few weeks ago I saw some on Etsy, I think, and felt good energy drawing me to the idea. I looked at a few decks, but nothing REALLY jumped out at me, so I didn't buy. I also had a nagging feeling that they were not for me, so I was really confused. Had I ever read about them? Nope, not the first word. No one I know uses them except the aforementioned childhood friend and there was nothing to unravel there so I moved to other causes of my apprehension and then it dawned on me. Duh. My mom may have shared her opinion on tarot and Ouija boards as being evil to some extent. I checked and sure enough- I have a negative connotation of Ouija boards, although it may have more to do with 80's horror flicks than with the practice itself.