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Perspective Shift

My goodness what life can teach me when I slow down long enough and remember to pay attention, reflecting long enough to receive the message.  I learned a 40 year-in-the-making lesson today and I didn’t even KNOW it until it came out of my own mouth.  I believe Spirit spoke through me and divulged this truth bomb from my life and the explosion was pure gratitude.  It helped me understand myself on an even deeper level and helped someone else on their journey. 

THIS is the good stuff, to me.  Seeing value in some weird memory that has kept up with me and stays fresh and vivid, then literally blows my mind.  The ways Source/God/Spirit moves through us to touch someone else and ourselves in the process- that is magic to me, the honest to goodness magic of existence.

The meaning of life is to give life meaning.  Viktor Frankl.

Paraphrased, but still.  Apt.  Apropos.  Art.

When I was a little girl, about eight or so, I went to church every Sunday.   Every Sunday.  My parents were very serious about their faith and shared the rituals and practices of their sect of Christianity with a lot of fervor, in my recollection.  A Lutheran church in suburban America, nondescript, with a devout following of families, back in a time where no one gave a flying fuck if you were a Democrat or Republican.

The lions share of the sinning was devotion in word and appearance, if not always in deed.  Do not get me wrong, it was idyllic, on the surface, but I could tell tales of non Christ-like behavior occurring while I attended. Yes, scandalous rumors flowed through our little chapel, tearing it in two halves, our family affected by the division.  That may be a story for another time and it happened a little later than the present tale.  In order to stay true to my penchant for silver linings, I will wait to tell that story until the shiny threads appear.

We had an annual talent show and almost my whole family got involved.  My father played Elvis.  You have to understand how much this man LOVED to perform and Elvis was a hero to him.  He put shoe shine in his hair, got himself all greased up, wore a white t-shirt and some kind of jacket (cannot say if it was leather, WTG Dad if it was!).  I wish I could tell you what he sang, I think it was like a musical montage with several songs, but maybe that is my memory trying to paint pictures when I cannot remember the details as vividly.