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Memory Lane

I am fascinated by learning and enjoy thought exercises and theorize quite a bit. I might have made a great sidekick to someone like Socrates. I like to ask a lot of questions and look for reasons wh— about pretty much anything.

One of the things that I have always wanted to do, but remains impossible (from my knowledge of the way the world works), is to take a “test drive” in someone else’s head. Just to see the difference of processing of sensory information and memories.

I don’t know how other folks memories work- i. e. on what level your senses operate while looking back on the past. Do you simply remember dates/years/seasons or do you section it off in another manner? As in, these are “school memories“ or “church memories” or “family memories”, or categorized in some other manner, or no discernible manner at all?

I have a pretty good memory for reminiscing. I see memories like video tapes and pictures I can sort and review in my head. If I get deep, I can remember tastes of food. Like lemon bars from one Sunday after church or the day we found a bat in the cemetery. It was sending out its sonar and sounded so pathetic. I can hear the sound in my mind. As I write, I can sit in that space of time for the “feel” and have a 360 degree view.

That is not to say that I am able to recall my whole life in this regard. Huge swaths of time exist for which I cannot access much of anything. Dark and light times, for whatever reason, some things just don’t come back for me. Some of that is probably due to the amount of alcohol and drugs I put in my body and I accept that. But it is not like 25 years of my life is blacked out drunk from my mind. It is more like fuzzy, vague and speckled with vivid times, even when intoxicated.