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In Sickness and in Health

I was a lot of things in my other life. Terribly depressed being one of them. I am positive that I used to quote the medical jargon for it often. Funny thing. I can’t remember the name of it now because I quite simply do not care. Something along the lines of major depressive disorder or something like that.

I had thought it (something was wrong with me) my whole life, but did not seek medical treatment until I was in my late 30s. Upon hearing this diagnosis, I BECAME the constant of depression and anxiety all over again. I was "mentally ill".

Were you to be introduced to me a few years ago, the fact that I had been diag

nosed with Fibromyalgia was front and center. I felt like a victim so I acted like a victim. I call her Fibromyalgia Amy. Amy was in pai